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About World Film Society

World Film Society was launched during the Indywood Film Carnival in 2015. The society was formed as a forum designed for uniting film sectors for the betterment of global film industry.The organizational aim is to support the movie industry by creating close knit relationship among motion picture associations and their related departments. The association will work to Enhance and Transform the Entertainment Industry.


  • To integrate the mission of various organizations in the entertainment industry and make interactions easy among them
  • To identify and update members on various financial aids provided by government in each country, and assure that these funds are effectively utilized
  • To identify and provide creative guidance to young talents and help them excel in different sectors of the movie industry.
  • To attract more investors to the entertainment industry.
  • To identify and introduce optimum insurance plans for the members and movie makers to safeguard their investments in the industry.
  • To act as a mediator on disputed points among the members of the film industry.
  • To update the members about new technological innovations in the field of motion picture industry
  • To introduce Quality control system for all process ranging from pre-production to distribution
  • To introduce Content restoration awareness among the members.
  • To promote good film culture via extending support to innovative films and film festivals.
  • To identify various international destinations and promote film tourism.
  • To take the lead for revamping existing theatres , studios, Film Schools etc. and equip them with modern technological innovations.
  • To Initiate CSR and charity drives.
  • To ensure sustainability initiatives for entertainment industry.
  • To conduct events/conferences/seminars/film festivals in the entertainment industry .
  • To accredit various training institutes and courses related to entertainment industry based on quality assessment.