1. What is WFS? What are the criteria for an organization to be a part of WFS?
World Film Society (WFS) is a non profit organization which aims to integrate the film community. Our membership open to film organization, associations, institutional authorities etc pertaining to any facet of the film industry. WFS will be the only association which will cater to the needs of the entire film fraternity under a single roof. Individuals belonging to any associations who have got membership with us also can apply for associated individual membership.
2. What are the benefits for being a WFS member?
A World Film Society member will be getting an opportunity to interact with the leading film associations around the globe so that they can share their common objectives and grow together. Kindly click here to see the list of benefits.
3. I am a member of 5 film associations and all those are a part of WFS, so which one is my parent organization?
You may register yourself as an associate member of WFS and enjoy the benefits of our club but it is your discretion as to which organization you would like to state as your parent organization.
4. Is there any membership fee?
Since the objective is to form a non-profit community in film industry. There will not be any charges for the membership procedures.
5. What's the normal procedure for new member registration?
WFS identifies its members through personal contacts / events / contacts through our Advisory Panel members etc. Even if you do not receive an invitation and you feel you can contribute your knowledge for the betterment of our film industry you may register yourself as a member by logging on to our Registration Page.
6. How can we interact with other members of WFS?
We have a vibrant online community via which you can connect with other members of this community and join the conversation via our Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and WFS Discussion forums. More platforms specially dedicated for WFS members are under construction.
7. What makes WFS unique from the association I am currently associated with?
Most of the associations have limited its membership to a specific profession within that country .But WFS is an association of associations incorporating the complete film communities of the globe. Associations and members of such associations in all countries are eligible to be the primary institutional members of WFS.
8. How can I register to be a member of WFS?
You can either fill in the registration form online or send a mail to the secretary of the association with your organization logo and profile. Once accepted by the advisory members, you shall receive a written confirmation and your profile along with the logo shall be updated in our website.
9. If we choose to cancel the registration any time in future ,is it a tedious process
No. If you choose to cancel your membership with WFS in future, you can do it with a single e-mail request to the WFS-Admin. Also there will not be any charges for cancelling the registration.
10. I have a question which is not in this list. Whom should I contact in case of a complaint or advice?
You may email your queries and feedbacks to : info@worldfilmsociety.org